1. The basketball season is underway! Our JV Boys and Varsity Boys each won their first game in convincing fashion. These were home games, so we got to see the amazing cheer squad as well. The Varsity Girls were not able to get the 'W', but wow did they battle, whatta game!!! The JV Girls kick off their season Friday, as all of our teams travel to St. Johns. 

2. The games vs. St. Johns were postponed due to weather, make-up games are planned, but no date has been selected. The second round of action saw Trinity come in and beat our JV Boys in a very exciting game. This was followed by the JV Girls playing their 1st game of the season, defeating Trinity. The last game of the evening saw our Varsity boys defeat St Peter/Holy Ghost for the 2nd time. 

3. In week 3 action, we were home again. Holy Ghost came here for 3 great games. Our JV Boys and JV Girls lost in a couple of tough match-ups. Our Varsity Girls team went on a scoring frenzy, taking down HG 36-10. 

4. Week 4 began with an in-school pep rally. The cheerleaders and coaches fired the teams and fans up! The afternoon saw St. Johns come to our house. The JV Boys opened the evening with a stellar victory. Both teams showed great skill! The JV Girls were up next. They battled hard but could not get the W. The Varsity Boys gave it their all but we not able to overcome the attack. Varsity Girls closed out the evening. They quickly went up 2-0, but never had a lead after that. We are so very proud of our student athletes. There are no games the next 2 Fridays. 

5. The Wolves tore into St. James gymnasium and ripped into the competition!!! We had 3 matchups against St. Peters Sanborn on this Leap Thursday. The JV Boys began by holding on for a 1 point victory. They jumped out to a commanding lead but St. Peters battled all night. Our Varsity Boys were up next and continued to dominate the St. Peters/Holy Ghost combined team. The Varsity Girls capped off the night with a highly exciting nail-biter, holding on in the closing seconds for the 1 point victory. They took a 3 point lead and stayed just ahead all night. The Wolves tore the roof off the place and brought their 'A" games for certain!!!

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! Congrats to our Varsity boys, picking up the big win in OVERTIME!!!!!


The Season schedule (updated Feb7):

CANF Basketball Schedule 2024