Early Learning Center

Why Choose a Catholic WNY Preschool for Your Child?

During the Pre-Kindergarten years, children can learn important skills that will provide them with the cornerstones necessary for the development of later academic skills. Research confirms that the patterns of learning in Pre-Kindergarten are closely linked to later achievement, strong foundations, and better performance in the primary grades.

Our most important goal at the Catholic Academy Early Learning Center for three and four year olds is to help our students become independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners. We are teaching them how to learn, not just in Pre-K, but all through their educational years. We strive to give the children good habits and attitudes, particularly a positive sense of themselves, which will make a difference throughout their lives.

We follow the NYS Core Curriculum which has been adopted by 48 states. The learning standards we teach are a part of the Board of Regents Guidelines. In order to accomplish all these mandated learning standards, we have adopted a four day program which we believe will help all the students succeed.

Mrs. Sliwowski with aides Mrs. Bower and Mrs. McDonnell  instruct our three year old program. Mrs. Arist and Mrs. Choolokian with aides Mrs. DeMartino, Ms. Dosanjh and Mrs. Kanfoush instruct our four year old program.

Our Handbook and Learning Standards/Goals:

Pre-K Three Year Old Handbook
Pre-K Three Year Old Objectives
Pre-K Four Year Old Program

Please refer to the Early Learning Center page under the Admissions tab for registration forms for either the three year old or four year old program.