Extended Care

Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls offers both a Before School program and an After School program for our students.

Before School Program

Open from 7:00 am until 8:00 am each school day, the Before School Program provides care and supervision for Pre-K to Gr. 6 students who need to arrive at school earlier than 7:50 am This program begins on the first full day of school. Children may bring their breakfast to eat at school if they wish to do so. The cost of the Before School Program is $4.00 per day. 

After School Program (contact number 579-0032)

New this year is the LightHouse AfterSchool Project. Through a generous grant obtained from the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation, we were given the opportunity to restructure and expand our after school program. In addition to what we already offer, students participating in the LightHouse AfterSchool Project will also enjoy:

           • Academic Support through homework assistance, small group tutoring and peer tutoring 
           • Fitness Instruction and Sports Activities 
           • Nutrition Education and Activities (cooking, baking, etc.)
           • Healthy snack
           • Training in Leadership and Character Building 
           • STREAM Activities 

Open from 2:20 pm until 5:30 pm each school day, the LightHouse AfterSchool Project provides professional care, supervision, and recreation and enrichment activities for our students. It serves working families who desire both parochial school education and supplementary day care in a Christian environment for children enrolled at Catholic Academy in Grades Pre-K through 6. This program also begins on the first full day of school. 

Fees are as follows: $4.00 for the first hour or less, $3.00 for each additional hour or a monthly rate of $120.00 per student (no discounts will be given for months that include Christmas, Spring Break or the month of June).  

The professionally operated program allows children to experience a rich diversity of growth activities within a Catholic environment, activities planned to complement the philosophy and value systems of the school and family. 

Both our Before School Program and the LightHouse AfterSchool Project are staffed by experienced professionals to help each child grow in maturity and self-respect, as well as to maintain an atmosphere wherein respect and understanding for others is realized. 

A printable application for our Before and After School program.

Our Parents Love Our Extended Care Programs

Testimonials from our parents about our new LightHouse AfterSchool Project:
As a family we are very excited about the new After School Program. Our son Evan has already shown us the benefits of a structured, active program. He is so excited about all the new opportunities offered. His homework is complete, he is trying new things, and most importantly he is engaged! - Fowler Family 

My daughter (Hailey) has always enjoyed staying afterschool for Latchkey, however since Catholic Academy has transitioned to the new programming, she enjoys it even more! She spends most of her time on the ride home talking about the activities she has participated in during LightHouse Afterschool, rather than events that took place during the regular school day. As a parent, I really enjoy the variety that is offered. The exposure to new and healthy snacks has expanded our conversations at home about healthy food/snack choices and increased her interest in helping cook at home. As a parent, the extra physical activity helps with the evening bedtime routine and I love that character development is also taking place to enrich her social emotional skills. I was pleased to hear about the changes that were going to be made as a part of this grant funding for Latchkey and am impressed and happy with the results I’ve seen already. - Heather Johnson