We offer the following extra-curricular activities to our students:

Art Club


Yearbook Club

Join us and help design our annual yearbook. The Yearbook Club meets the first Wednesday during the months of January, February and March after school until 3:00 pm. 5th through 8th grade students are welcome to join. The students help in drawing graphics, identify students in pictures, and assist in the layout of our yearbook. Mrs. Zeller is the advisor. Transportation home at 3:00 pm and a permission sheet are required to attend.

Christmas Program

Catholic Academy each year has a Christmas Program and Spring Musical. A lot of hard work is put into our production with many afternoons and after school practice beforehand. Many people come to watch and enjoy the play.

Student Buddy Program

Each of our classrooms is paired off with another classroom to help in reading, writing, mentoring, role models, friendship. This is done on a monthly basis during the school day. 

Guardian Angel Church Buddy Program

Each year, individuals from the St. Vincent de Paul Parish community pair up with our fourth grade students. The Church buddies assist the fourth graders in developing their faith by attending Mass with the students every week. As the students learn about the Bible and the scriptures, the Church Buddies model what it means to be an active member of the church. In addition to Mass, the fourth grade students get to know their Guardian Angel Church Buddies during holiday celebrations throughout the school year. At these gatherings, the students and Church Buddies share stories, play games, participate in activities, and enjoy refreshments/treats provided by the student's parents. The fourth graders always look forward to weekly Mass with their Church Buddies.

Daily School Activities

Before we begin each school day, our 7th and 8th students are in charge of morning announcements which also include the Pledge of Allegiance, morning prayer, and a patriotic song. Each classroom also has designated students who assist in paper recycling collections and function as class messengers.