Our cafeteria offers hot lunches each full school day. Students must either buy or bring their lunch. Prices for lunches and additional menu items are listed on the back of the monthly lunch calendars and also below. Please remember to complete and return application forms for free and reduced lunch, if you are eligible. Remember, our remedial math and reading programs are based upon the number of families who show poverty level by these forms. Please send them in even if your child does not want to participate in the hot lunch program so that we will be able to keep these programs in our school. Information regarding our lunch program and calendar will be sent home the first day of school. 

****** We are excited to announce that ALL students are eligible for a free lunch through June 2021 ******

 Menu Items


Lunch Times


Full Lunch $ 2.85     PreK-3 & 4
Double Lunch $ 3.65    K & Gr. 1
Sandwich $ 2.05     Gr. 2 & 3
Milk $ 0.60    Gr. 6,7,8
Juice $ 0.50    Gr. 4 & 5
Potato Chips   $ 0.50    
Ice Cream $ 0.50 - 0.75    
Fresh Fruit $ 0.50    
Water       $ 0.50    


All checks must be payable to: CATHOLIC ACADEMY OF NIAGARA FALLS

Remember: Last year's Free & Reduced lunch applications are good until October 2020.

  • Milk is served with all lunches (selections are 1%, skim, chocolate, strawberry) 
  • Choice of breads offered daily (white or wheat)
  • Pre-payment of lunches is offered
  • Menu subject to change 

The following items are available daily:
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich
  • Tuna Fish sandwich  
  • A variety of (seasonal) fresh fruit
  • Cereal Lunch with string cheese, fruit and milk

Our monthly lunch menu can be viewed under Student Life, Calendar link