Our Curriculum

Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls educates children with a goal of excellence in all areas. We offer small classes for more individualized attention and focus on the academic and spiritual development of the whole child.

We offer classes for grades Kindergarten through Eighth as well as Pre-K classes for 3 year olds and 4 year olds.

Our curriculum is designed pursuant to Diocesan and New York State standards. Our dedicated faculty offers challenging coursework for more advanced students and after-school assistance and learning support for students who need extra help. We have a well stocked library and a modern computer lab.

We offer instruction in the following areas:

English Language Arts

Science and Health
Social Studies
Physical Education/Health
Introduction to Spanish Language and Culture
AIS Math and ELA
ELA and Math Learning Support Services
Keyboarding and Technology
Library and Engineering Classes K-8 Weekly