Upcoming Events

for June

Summer Office Hours
June 22nd 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
July and August 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Engineering Program Gr. 1-5

Game Day Gr. 1-5

Fort Niagara Field Trip Gr. 3 & 4
Final day for Latch Key

8:30 am Awards Mass
10:30 am Dismissal
Last Day Gr. 1-5

6:00 pm Mrs. Kowal's Retirement Party

Summer Activities to Do

Summer Tutoring for PK4-Grade 1
Girls Basketball Camp
Camp Turner Gr. 1-6
Niagara University Summer Youth Camp Gr. 1-6
Niagara Catholic Camp Rock Gr. 5&6

Please support our ongoing fundraisers: Elite Books, Box Tops for Education, Pop Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, Target Red Card, Tyson Project A+.  

Refer a family and they register for 2015-16 school year, you will receive $100.00 credit towards this year's tuition

Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls


CHOOSE EXCELLENCE! Choose Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls, Pre-K through Sixth Grade! Come and see why we are a School of Excellence!

We are a Catholic School designed to ensure your child's specific needs are met. Excellence is our goal - academically, spiritually, athletically and socially. Join us!

CHOOSE STREAM! Beginning this fall and continuing for the next three years, a program called STREAM will be introduced and implemented in our elementary school. The goal of STREAM is to prepare our 21st century students for a 21st century world in the fields of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. Students will be engaged from an early age and may study subjects like robotics, architecture, space exploration and technical design wrapped around a values-based foundation.


Donate your child's used school supplies and backpack at the end of this school year. Supplies can be dropped off in Mrs. O'Brien's room by June 19th.

We welcome all new families and students for the 2015-2016 school year.  

Check out our Facebook page for updates and new photos! Remember to "friend" us! 


Dear Jesus,
       Thank you for Catholic Schools where we learn all about your plan to help us. Thank you for the wonderful teachers and those who help make Catholic Academy a fun place to be.  
       Please help us Lord, to learn more about you in our school. Help parents realize how important Catholic Schools are and give them the ability to send their children to Catholic School.  
       I pray to your mother, Mary to intercede for us and ask you to grant our wish that Catholic Schools will become strong and affordable for everyone. Remember your mother Mary was your teacher and grant that we may always have her love to guide us and our schools.  
- Rebecca Sliwowski, Graduate of Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls