Upcoming Events

for June

Summer Office Hours
June 22nd 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
July and August 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Engineering Program Gr. 1-5

Game Day Gr. 1-5

Fort Niagara Field Trip Gr. 3 & 4
Final day for Latch Key

8:30 am Awards Mass
10:30 am Dismissal
Last Day Gr. 1-5

6:00 pm Mrs. Kowal's Retirement Party

Summer Activities to Do

Summer Tutoring for PK4-Grade 1
Girls Basketball Camp
Camp Turner Gr. 1-6
Niagara University Summer Youth Camp Gr. 1-6
Niagara Catholic Camp Rock Gr. 5&6

Please support our ongoing fundraisers: Elite Books, Box Tops for Education, Pop Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, Target Red Card, Tyson Project A+.  

Refer a family and they register for 2015-16 school year, you will receive $100.00 credit towards this year's tuition


We offer a solid foundation of academics and Christian values. We strive to educate the students in an atmosphere of love and respect. Outside of the home and family, the greatest positive influence on children is their school. Our school provides a unique and special environment for children during their formative and impressionable years. The educational environment emphasizes moral values and growth, both spiritually and intellectually. Students are guided in their development as individuals, encouraged to attain confidence to make decisions, assisted in acquiring a sense of responsibility for their society and helped to develop pride in their physical well being. The Catholic school is part of a larger believing community - all of who have the mission to assist the Church in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through excellence in educational programs and service to society. We believe that making a difference through Catholic education means working for the greater glory of God.

We believe it is our responsibility to assist families in the education and growth of their children academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically. Our approach to education is to empower each child to make responsible and appropriate decisions, perform to the best of their ability in all endeavors, and gain the confidence and knowledge for success in the next stage of their education.